Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beavers in Centennial Woods

What: One of the beavers wound up passing out on the bank of Wool Pullery Brook and slept there for 10 hours! I had watched it the night before and caught it on my game cam. I figure it was active for about 12 and a half hours straight, plus the three previous days had been super warm. Like everything else it was probably just enjoying the first taste of summer in March!

Ecological notes: While the videos are from last Friday, I was back out at the pond tonight. The weather is about 60 degrees colder now and a thin sheet of ice is blanketing the pond. I watched as the beavers actively cleared out the ice by putting their heads above it and pushing down. It was funny to watch as one of the beavers had chunks of ice stuck to its nose.

Where: Wool Pullery Brook at the upper terrace of the beaver pond (there are now three terraces). Still haven't their upper den, but I think it's right next to the upper dam.

Other notes: The beavers seem to start being active around 7pm, an hour or so before it's dark.

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