Friday, March 1, 2013

The Three Hares (2)

What: Second installment of the series of videos from the same two perspectives tracking change over time in Centennial Woods. The videos are not super impressive yet, but in 20 years it'll be awesome to watch the changes develop over time. I chose these spots because they have dynamic water ways, early successional habitat, repeated disturbance (brush hogging under powerlines), and a mix of conifers and hardwoods. We'll see what develops!
Phenology notes from the past month: Spring is on the way!! Here are some highlights from the month:
  • We had a bit of snow, but mostly temperatures hovering around freezing. 
  • We also had our first rain of the spring. 
  • I've noticed honeysuckle buds that burst open (and elderberries that almost opened), 
  • There's an abundance of skunk prowling around, 
  • Coyotes were scent marking at the height of their breeding season
  • The sap is flowing on maples (silver, red, sugar, and boxelder), 
  • and today I spotted turkey vultures flying north.

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