Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Getting closer...

What: Sam and went out to the lake yesterday to check in on the progress of the lake freezing over. Boy oh boy did it look frozen all the way across! With the continued cold weather the lake just might be crossable this winter! This would be the first time since 2007. Lake Champlain won't be the only large lake to freeze across. Looks like Superior is on the same trajectory (news story here)!!!

In the afternoon there were people playing hockey out on the ice (specks in bottom left of above photo). Later that evening Jon and I ran out to the light house and followed snowmobile trails. So at least as fall as the break wall, the ice is solidly frozen.


  1. Be safe! I'd guess the middle of the lake will have weird stressed cracked ice and I don't know if the wide part would be safe enough to walk across at all this ear. Maybe it was 'back in the day' but the ice I saw walking on the causeway looked sketchy, if thick.

    1. Yes, for sure. Apparently Burlington used to dump its snow out on the lake. They'd drive massive dump trucks out onto the ice and dump the plowed snow there. Pretty crazy. I think it'll take a lot more sub-freezing temp before I'd be willing to cross the lake.

      I walked around Rock Point today and the ice was super thick around shore but there's a thin band of slush over the ice that extends in a line almost from Burlington around Rock Point and out to Appletree Point. Lots of stuff like that makes me nervous about crossing the 9.5 miles to Corlaer Bay