Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jefferson Salamander

By: Frankie

What: Jefferson Salamander (Ambystoma Jeffersonianum)

Ecological notes: The Jefferson Salamander is one of Vermont's three mole salamanders. This particular species has a solid gray brown body with tiny flecks of white on the underside of its body. Full grown, the Jefferson Salamander can reach up to 7 inches long. Salamanders are nocturnal but can be spotted during the day when it is mating season. This species is one of the first signs of Spring. The salamander pictured above was seen late March just as the snow melt was beginning to end.

Where: The Jefferson Salamander prefers a habitat of upland forest with well drained deciduous or mixed forest close to a pond or small stream. They hide under logs, loose soil and leaf litter, using the near by pond for reproduction during the early spring months.

Other notes: This particular species is listed as a threatened species in Canada because of loss of habitat. It can also be hard to identify because it hybridizes with the Blue-Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma Laterale).

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