Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wood frogs, green frogs, and toads!!

Wood frogGreen frog (male)
Wood frog tadpoles
What: Both toads and wood frogs "singing" today in Centennial Woods. The wood frog eggs that I've been watching for the past few weeks hatched about 10 days ago and I was able to grab a few photos of the tadpoles today. They seemed to be congregating at a log near the surface of the water possibly for warmth.

Ecological notes: I first noticed the eggs on March 25th, so it took about 23 days for the eggs to hatch.

Where: I noted in my last post on the eggs that the beavers had flooded the area, raising the water table, and creating this little standing pool. The beavers had moved upstream few weeks ago and haven't worked on their lower dam. If they do decide to work on the dam and raise it about 4" it will raise the water enough to connect this pool to the brook and the fish will probably wipe out the tadpoles.

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