Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years

What: Snow! Everywhere! And what a treat after last year. I've been enjoying the wonderful snow piled up in Centennial Woods and pretty much everywhere - and with a few days for it to settle, shift, and change, there are so many different types. I started making blinds for my window and needed some more Phragmites, so I went out with Meryl and Nate around dusk to harvest. We were gifted with a beautiful sunset and we went to the baseball field for a better look. I took the above facing almost due east through the powerlines. The summit in the back is Mt Mayo (which is just south of Mansfield, between Clark and Bolton). The pink light was just radiating off of everything, settling a peaceful quiet over the pines, oaks, and maples. There was a scattering of wispy cumulus breaking up as they were heading southeast.

Ecological notes: I got a bit of tracking in after all that snow. The deer were already on the move Friday night. By Saturday there were tracks from red foxes, mice, and a weasels. Winter brings so many new interests - I've been particularly fascinated by all the different types of snow and I'll be posting on that along with winter buds this month! So stay tuned.

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