Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wonders of the Modern World of Latham Ct

What: Jon and I went for a great walk through Centennial Woods last night - the orange glow of Burlington was bouncing between the low clouds and the fresh blanket of snow, giving the woods an eerie lightness to it. On our way back home we passed by the giant spruce tree in "the extension," which was backlit by an orange glow to the north (right in photo) from the older sodium vapor street lights and the white glow to the south (left) from the new LED street lights on East Ave (something that Chicago's started doing a couple years ago).

Callan and I dubbed the tree one of the wonders of the modern world of Latham Ct. As with some of the other photos I've taken that seem to capture the spirit of the moment, I go back and forth wanting to describe the ecological reasons behind the photo and wanting to pause and inhale the poetics of such profound presence.

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