Monday, April 1, 2013

The Three Hares (April 2013)

What: Quite a few things have changed in the woods since last month (see list below), but don't show up so much in the video. And it's been a year since I started posting (141 posts so far). Last March was significantly different than this year, with that crazy 80 degree weather that gave us a head start on everything. This time last year most of the shrubs had tiny leaves on them and my yard was carpeted with Scilla (see archived posts from last March here).

Phenology notes from this previous month: 
  • Winooski River is navigable again
  • Great Blue Herons back
  • First amphibian movement of year
  • Killdeer and lots of ducks in water
  • Beaver (retention) pond burst, ice broke after pond drained
  • Scilla (or Siberian squill) is coming up
  • Daylilies and hasta coming up
  • Scarlet cup fungus fruited
  • Flying insects (blow flies on coyote carcass)
  • Dawn chorus is starting (robins first to sing at around 6am followed by cardinals)
  • Geese flying over head en masse
  • Ravens with nesting material, chickadees investigating nest box, woodpeckers drumming
  • Buds swelling on maples, flower buds about to open
  • Ground thawed (no earthworms yet though)
  • Maple sap is buddy
Other notes: Also, in the biggest news in 20 years, Jurassic Park is being released again - in 3D!!

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